Friday, March 2, 2012

Sage had a bad mood

I thought rain or shine or snow and mud that I had to get at working with Sage. She was in a bad mood and just as determined not to. That really is an ugly look isn't it. We battled for a long time and when I got a circle each way we did a couple of other things and I left the arena. She was as determined as I and I didn't have the right boots on so I settled for and ended with right things and left it at that.
Just about healed up. I think its amazing. Hair is growing over at the ends where it is already healed. She didn't want me taking pictures of it today for some reason. Just a bad mood day I guess.

I let Raspberry out of her pen this afternoon and we walked over to Bob's shop to see what he was doing. She just walked along beside me. I did not put a lead on her. She looks so cute just ambling along with me. Love that little goat.


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