Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the air.

Me at 15. At our home in Roy, WA.
My sister, by Grandma Foreman and me. We lived in Algona, just outside Auburn. My grandma was a little tiny lady about 4"11 I think but she looks tall in the picture.

No pictures of my ride today but it was awesome. I worked her a while in the round pen, went for a walk down the road and came back and rode her a while in the round pen. She did anything I asked her. So then Bob attached the lead rope and we went for a walk around the house a couple of times, around the barn and out into a field. He didn't lead her but just walked at her shoulder. I was so excited, wanted to go for a long ride somewhere but Bob wouldn't let me. It probably wasn't too smart.

I hope we get to see the Northern Lights tonight. I am going to go out and see. It says the best is about midnight and I turn into a pumpkin by that time.



  1. Sweet pictures! It sounds like Bob takes good care of you! Hope you got to see the lights.