Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 Babies In A Week

Topper was #1 this week. She is a healthy young lady. She doesn't mind us getting close but her mom Jessie does.
This is #2 and second girl. Her name is Lola. Her Mama is Martha. She was born yesterday afternoon.

And #2 is Ronny. The first boy. He was born between 3 and 6 this morning. Bob checked at 3 and when I checked at 6, there he was. He is quite roan on his sides but has the red ears like his cousin Topper.

This is mom Andy with Ronny in front and Andy's grandmother Jessie behind her with Topper. I could not get all three cows in the same place at the same time.

We have one to go. Dear old Candy who has given us twins and several others. If she just has one as we think, we will buy another calf and put on her. She has way more milk than one can ever eat. And, every baby in the pasture snatches a snack when she is around.

We went to the Spokane County 4H Tack Swap today. Yesterday we took 3 saddles and some other things out to consign. This evening we went to pick up what had not sold and a check for what had. Two of the saddles and some other things sold so we got a nice little check and the old saddles are gone out of the tack room. So the box gets put away in a closet until next year and we will take what we brought home and anything else that accumulates through the year back again. There were some things we were particularly looking for and found them. I wanted a longer single rein, like a roping rein and found exactly what I wanted, a riding bat with a popper on the end to use to encourage Sage to move better and to stay out of my space when leading her, I found a good used rope halter for a dollar and a lovely wool western cut jacket. Bob found some boots for the horses because we don't shoe and sometimes their feet use some protection. I think that is all we got but it was good and we doubled, and more, what we spend with what we sold. Yeah for us.

Tom and Christy and their kids came out for a while today. Christy is suffering so with her back. Her low back is swollen along her spine. She gets some injections in it on Tuesday. I will drive her. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers. It all stems from the car accident that they had in January.

Sage got yesterday and today off. I think I might have poked her with the scissors when I was clipping her bridle bath the other day. She never has been ear shy and this seems to be on her poll more than ears.

Ezra is doing well. He is happy to be home. Sheya, our granddaughter, played with him some today and he loved her. She played with Raspberry too and Raspberry loved her also. She wanted to ride but they did not stay too long and we had to go get out stuff so maybe next time.


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