Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Peanut Arrives

His name is Peanut Butter Cup. That is as bad as Coyote Ice Cream. Well that turned into Cody and we will call him Peanut. His mother is a QH, dad is a Mustang. These people really don't get it, he is still a baby. I doubt that he is more than a year and a half. He really has no respect or manners and he is going to learn them here.
I really don't like horses to walk over me. He will given the chance. We will see what the people want to do. Let us work with him and sell him or what.

ATTENTION and so what is that about. Tiger didn't get what the dogs were doing.

Both babies eating. Hershey eats good with some guidance.

Friends. They were more cuddled up until I went to take the picture.

Not much else today.


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