Monday, March 26, 2012

Another baby for Candy

We have neighbors who have a dairy and they do not keep bull calves so we are on their list. Hershey was born late yesterday and he came here this morning. He and Snickers are getting acquainted.

Bob teaching him to eat. One thing getting them from the dairy they never have sucked on Mom. The colustrum is milked twice and fed in a bottle and away they go.

He caught on pretty fast. We tie Candy up for a few days before we turn them together. We fed at 8 and Bob will feed about 5. She is a good cow and we can always give her a tag along because she has so much milk.

This tractor is for sale. Bob wants $1,100 for it. It is not big enough for what we need.

Ezra was not happy with us this evening. I am not sure why. We didn't put him out because the weather was so nasty. He dug a big hole pawing at the gate. We wormed him yesterday and in 2 weeks once more and then he should be set for the normal routine of worming.

We went and looked at a young horse. He is aggresive and no respect. We are going to get him tomorrow and see what we can do. They said a pony but he is not a pony.


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