Thursday, March 29, 2012

Every Raindrop Is A Record

Quite a few years ago when we were in Tennessee we took the tourist tour and went to the hall of fame. We have been in Tennessee many times but don't do the touristy things except once in a while go house looking.

It is raining, it is raining or did I say that. Every drop that falls is a record dose of rain for the month of March. It is supposed to do this all week long. We are up to our knees in mud and muck. I hate the horses being in it but no place for them to go. It really is miserable.
Our weather may not be so nice but Bob took this picture in 2004 when he went into the Bob Marshall wilderness. I don't know which river but it sure is pretty.

Cricket in Mississippi. She is a well traveled horse. When she left here she went to Massachusetts where Caroline lived. Then they took her to Mississippi when they moved there. That is where I took this picture. Now she is in northern Tennessee where they have moved again. Carrie is now in college in Mississippi so I don't know where Miss Cricket will end up. They won't sell her though. I am positive about that.

The feet of a hard working man.

We had a Mustang Club meeting this evening. Everyone made it except Andrea. We miss her. Our club is going riding and camping in two weeks down at Escure Ranch which is about 2 1/2 hrs. away. We are all excited. It better quit raining by then.

I am wondering about starting an ark but haven't heard God tell me yet.


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