Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Windy Day

Bob's parents, Nellie and Wesley Williams.
Mom in her 80's. She loved me like I was one of her own from the time I was 16 years old.

Dad in his 60's in Iowa someplace. He called Bob, Wee Bob even when he was grown much to Bob's dismay.

I have posted pictures of my family often but don't think I have posted the Williams side of the family tree before. Bob's dad and my dad went to high school together and were best friends. Isn't that unique.

The wind blew up to 54 mph today. It was warm too. I went out to work in the barn. It has gotten so full of junk this winter. I cleaned stalls when I was down there. I let Raspberry out of her pen and she bounced around snooping and climbing on anything she could find. She went with me to put Ditto and Sage in. I treated Sage's cut and fed them. I was hanging up some blankets and I looked over and Sage had a mouthful of hay. She had her nose by the gate. Raspberry reached up and took the hay right out of Sage's mouth and Sage let her. They must be really good friends.

I was good to get outside. Bob bought some rabbits yesterday and he spent part of the day getting them settled. I am not too thrilled with them but he wants to sell fryers. I don't eat rabbit but I guess others do.


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