Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow - Why now?

A view from the back door. This is the most snow at any one time all winter.

Our front storm door. From inside on the porch.

Then I opened the door and snapped this in a hurry.

Bob did not put the mares out today because I have been putting them in the arena during the day and there is no shelter. He calls them my primroses. Oh well, they are special primroses.

Yesterday Bob took part in the rescue of 75 animals from a place north of the town of Elk. It was awful, dead animals laying around and very thin animals. Horses, mini horses, donkey, llamas,

goats, calves. Bob himself hauled 2 mares and their foals and a mini mare and foal. They put that foal in the tack room. It was on the front page of the Review (our paper) and on all of the TV local channels. Bob told me I could not speak about it before hand and I didn't. There were a lot of caring people helping, bringing panels, calming animals. They were all taken to the fairgrounds for medical evaluations, treatment and feed. It was awful. That is what was in the paper and all I can talk about because if it goes to trial, he (Bob) will be called as a witness. What an awful thing to happen to those animals. I was thinking last night that how grateful the animals must have been last night to be in out of the weather and good food and good water to drink.


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  1. Nice snow pictures, Lea. That is so unbelievable that anyone would be so uncaring of the animals that were rescued. I hadn't heard, but I am glad Bob decided to help and be a part of the rescue. You are great people!