Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Healing Up

Looks much better doesn't it. I am really pleased with her. She is so so much better about spraying it. Today as day before yesterday I just held her outside the barn door and sprayed it myself. She did several loops around me on the lead rope to start with but today it was just once and then she turned her cheek to me as if to say, do it and get it over with. I want my supper. So I did and then put her in the stall.
Raspberry talking with her mouth full. She is such a sweet little goat.

Raven wondered what I was doing. She is a good horse and we are blessed to have her.

A big windstorm is predicted with up to 50 mph here but 65 to 70 mph in the Yakima valley and the Wenatchee area. 50 will be enough for sure. At almost 7:00 PM it is 48 degrees at Fairchild AFB. Weird huh?


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