Monday, February 6, 2012

Not such a good ending

Pepper got ridden today and was so happy to have his person riding him. He lets anyone ride him but when Bob gets on, he is a different horse. He has his head up and he was rearing to go.
Our little place from across the road.

Bob and Pepper ponying Sage. He lead her around for the better part of an hour. She did just awesome. Maybe tomorrow we will try down the road.

What are you doing out here?

Bob giving her head a rub when they got back to the barn.

And later in the day when I went to put her in for the night this is what I found. She somehow had gotten her head in between the gate and a fence post that the gate holds it closed. I about had a wigged out moment when I saw it. I called Bob and he and Katie came right over and he called Shannon. Shannon is our neighborhood vet tech and has a vet for a sister that she confers with. There is nothing to sew to so we will just treat it. I will go get some Shreiners tomorrow to spray on it. It is the best stuff that I know of to heal and usually no or very little scarring. When Ditto got into barbed wire one time I used that and there was nor is any scarring at all and her leg looked bad. At least to me.

Sage is very stoic or it doesn't hurt. She let Shannon treat it as long as I was feeding her treats. And of course I had sworn off treats for her. Well I guess this is a good excuse to give them to her.

So a really good day ended not so good but its just the top layer of hide, it could have been so very much worse.



  1. Too bad about her owie! She did so well ponying.

  2. Aah, hate it when they get hurt! Looks clean though, it should heal well. You're right, could have been a lot worse though. Don't you just love this beautiful weather we've been having? I love all this sunshine! Amazing how much more energy I've got when the sun's out. Just wish I had more time to get things done at home, business is so slow and I just sit here. Hate that! I keep telling myself to be thankful that I have a job to complain about. My hubby is being layed off, that's worrisome. Sage is going to have so much experience with everything you're doing with her. Sounds like she's coming along very well.