Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Scotty

The last time our kids were together. Scott is on the left. He usually looked like he just got up but he was sweet.
Scott and his two kids. Robby and Coreen. Love that picture. Robby now has 2 little girls and Coreen is 20.

At the cemetery the next day.

She is looking better. You can see where it is beginning to try to build a scab. I did bridle her. It was not close to the cut. I have been putting the saddle on every day and today I got on her and rode her for about an hour in the round pen. I want to take her out of there. She was marvelous, kept her head down and responded to my legs just fine.

I am tired of begging for help. Bob doesn't want me to ride her out of the round pen but every one that tells me they will help have other things come up. Not their fault at all and I am not frustrated with them, just that I want help and can not afford a trainer. She is kind of spooky but really really seems better. She did not spook on Bob at all. She just walked along with him like a dolly. I am just whining I guess. I hear Bob and others saying you don't want to get hurt, over and over and of course I don't but I trust her. I really do. Oh well. Such is life.



  1. I'm thinking about putting together a colt starting clinic with a trainer around here--a one day session to really work on the riding. I don't know if you'd be interested or not. This is my year to ride Beautiful out, too, but I still have to work on her trailering and tying, so I'm hoping to get enough people together for a clinic around end of March.