Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is this really February

Today we worked on some more spooky things. She has not got used to a tarp yet but just maybe we have crossed a line. I had been dragging it around in front of her and then just looped it over the hitch rail. The look on her face tells it all.

Just a minute now. It smells like hay (the tarp had been in the hay shed). She smelled it and smelled it, took a hold of it but didn't like the taste. It didn't taste like hay.

Well, now maybe this isn't too bad. Tomorrow we will work on it some more. I am hoping to ride and pony her. It just did not work for this weekend. I am proud of her.

Church was nice this morning. Enjoyed it. The music was very special - we sang my favorites. After church we went over to see Tom and Chrissy for a few. Then to Harbor Freight to get some things, then we went to brunch. It was fun to just sit, eat and relax. Then to get gas and to Home Depot and then home. We try to run errands when we are in town. There is a new gas station on the north side of town trying to put others out of business. We got gas for 2.83. That is cheaper than in Idaho.

I wasn't such a Super Bowl fan today. Neither of my favorite teams were there but I watched the last quarter. Also watched the half time. One of the better I think. Not being a Madonna fan, I was kind of impressed. Then went back out and took Sage across the road in the weeds and we just walked around. She did good.

So went my day.



  1. Gas only 2.83/gallon? That's verrrry cheap. In Holland we pay 2,23/litre, that's about 8.43/gallon. It has been never be so expensive as last week. I'll get some gas over there ;)

    Nice pics of Sage exploring the tarp!
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  2. Gas here is $3.59! But then Idiotana just hosted the Super Bowl. Super Rip-Off Bowl. Rooms in Indy upwards of $300--a night!! Sooo glad it is over!