Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Returns

Yesterday around the farm. Rowdy and his hens sitting in the sun. Its a good thing they enjoyed it yesterday because it snowed today. Nothing on the ground but it was nasty and grey. I wanted to ride again today but no such luck.
Raven looking for a treat.

Wrangler wondering if I was going to be waving that darn tarp around again. He has never gotten so he can tolerate that.

Domino. He is so pretty.

This afternoon we went to watch out grandson play basketball at his middle school His number is 24. He did great and they won by lots. I was proud of him. He used to be quite blond but now he is turning into a real redhead. His hair is very curly and he hates it. Grandma loves it.

Tomorrow evening Nikki will be here and I am so excited. Miss her so much. I have some real cleaning to do tomorrow like the guest room and the mess room to get it all ready for Nikki, Lane and Isaac. It isn't really dirty just messy and it makes me worry because she cleans houses for a living and is a perfectionist. She does not get that from her mother. Nor her father for that matter.

Sage is coming a long. I don't like how it looks but Bob says it is improving. I hope he and Shannon are right. I want it well yesterday. Ya know how that is.


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