Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

It is raining, and I mean RAINING. Right on top of our snow and ice. Not too fun. I am still trying to rid myself of a sore throat so I did not go out to work with Sage. It is mostly gone and tomorrow we will get back at getting ready to ride the first day it is nice enough too. I have a goal.

Friday Bob went to an all afternoon conference at the Davenport Hotel which was put on by The National Academies, Advisers to the Nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine. It was the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources. It was "A Review of the Bureau of Land Management - Wild Horse and Burro Management Program". The panel was made up of all kinds of animal health scientists. They were discussing management of the wild horse herds. The talked a lot about PZP and how it works. They talked about habitat and herd counts and how they accomplish it without helicopters. They did not discuss adoption, horse slaughter or horse reserves. They mostly were interested in preserving the herds with the least amount of disruption. Primarily by using birth control. They are very familiar with the Pryor herd and some of the Oregon herds. Bob thought it was worthwhile and was glad he went. It was free.

I have not read through the paperwork that he brought home yet, but I intend to.

Hope you have a good first week in February.


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