Monday, January 30, 2012

Lake Bob

I would call it Williams Lake but that is already taken so I settled on Lake Bob. We had nearly 2" of rain last night and with frozen ground, now we have a lake. It is grass to put it mildly. I had to lead Sage out through another part of it to get her from the pasture. She didn't seem to mind. That was good. In fact she came running to me for me to put her halter on. I think she was expecting a treat and of course she got one. Spoiled, wwwwwweeeeeeeeeellllllllllll maybe.
I put the saddle on her today. She just let me pop it up on her back and cinch it up. She had not forgotten a thing. In fact she just stood there looking at me like what am I supposed to do now. Why aren't you getting on. I will one day soon when the round pen dries up enough to get in there. My goal is to ride her in the Bob Marshall on June 24th.

While Sage and Ditto were eating their lunches I started cleaning up the barn some. Its a big mess and Bob left stuff sitting around that I was afraid if Sage did a spooky dance she might hurt herself. My back is saying ouch a little tonight but that's OK. I felt good getting some things accomplished.

This evening I went down to Shannon's and tested 2 of her goats milk. I will need to mail it in tomorrow. I just took the refresher class a week or so ago. Not complicated but would have been better if I had remembered my reading glasses.

So that was the high points of my day.



  1. LOL Grandma Lea I am making a motion for you to rename Lake Bob, to Lake Dru :p

  2. Nice lake...we call the one in our yard - Lake Backyardy! LOL We've had torrential amounts of rain too, local flooding and now lots of mud. But this is day 2 of no rain and "they" predict a week of mostly dry weather. Sure hope so!!
    The area of central Oregon we're considering is LaPine, which is south of Bend by about 30 minutes. Land of Ponderosa pines, lakes, Deschutes River, volcanic soil and sunshine!! It's beautiful there and land is considerably cheaper than Bend/Sisters area. It's about 400 feet higher than Bend, so there's more annual snowfall, not so hot in summer, but colder in winter too. The locals say to expect snow on the ground 6 months per year. I've never lived in a snow area, but the big plus is no mud. It's too soon to predict what will happen, but we're seriously looking into our options. Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. I have to believe that if we're meant to be there, the path will open. We'll see...
    I'm so proud of you and your progress with Sage! I still haven't gotten on Eagle, and the longer I wait, the harder it's going to be because I'm such a chicken! He's really settling in and learning to trust us. He's really sensible too - just need to learn to trust him too. :)

  3. Oh Anita, I should have thought of that. Its about half gone today. Lake Dru - good sound.

  4. Yucky lake!

    What a great goal to work toward. I love having something like that to get me motivated. Sounds like Sage likes the idea too. :)