Friday, January 27, 2012

Some things coming up

My two girls resting in the sun. This was my only venture outside today. Still have a sore throat and stayed in trying to get rid of it. It is much better this evening but not gone. It better get out of here. I am tired of it.

Last night our Mustang Club met. We planned a ride and camp out on April 14/15. We talked about planning a trip to the ocean beach somewhere to ride. I think Mary is going to research places to go camp and ride on the beaches. We also talked about instead of having a Mustang Days on our own, having a booth and maybe could have some of our horses there for people to see at Ride the West. We won't make money but might serve the same purposes. It will cost about $150.00 to do that. We have the money to do that. I also mentioned remembering to pay our $10.00 to keep track of hours rode. The more that do it, the better chance we have of winning a really nice gift this weekend. So far, only Bob and I have done it and we have rode 0 miles so........................

We had a fun telephone call this morning inviting us to ride into the Bob Marshall on June 24 for a week. We said a big yes. We will ride to Pretty Prairie. I want Sage to be ready to ride. I am going to push her to do that.

I am still working on old pictures. I got over 100 uploaded today. I better get them onto my external modem though. On the computer is not good enough.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Chrissy's 40th. birthday. I had a turkey in the freezer and that is what we are having. Ought to have something special for turning 40.


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  1. I'm bummed I had to miss the meeting. Where is the camp out? I'll mark my calendar. I need to remember to pay my $10 too.

    I'm jealous - I want to ride into the wilderness for a week! That sounds wonderful.