Friday, January 13, 2012


I wonder how long they are going to stand in that place where their friend died. Yesterday and today other than when they ate. Makes me sad.
Sage just looking at me. I was chasing a cow.

I really loved the shadow. I wish I had my other lens on but its still good. She stands there when the sun shines.

Something scared our cows last night and they went through fences. They are not hard on fences so don't know what went on. I hope its not a pack of dogs. If it happens again, we will put Steve's night vision camera out there. I don't want the cows hurt either. None have calves but they will have in another month or so.


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  1. That picture of the horses standing over their friends death place is really so very sweet. It reminded me of when our dog Kelly died. She aways slept on the end of our couch. The first night after she died, our other dog Albert climbed up on that same spot and slept there. Kind of in rememberence of her. Sad but sweet.