Thursday, January 12, 2012

Moving On

Yesterday before I found Amelia, I had my camera and was talking to the donks. This is Yuma. He wanted to know what I had brought with me.

And Chemmy said, got something for me.

And my blessed old Ditto. I thought she was 30 but today I went and looked on her papers and she is only and I say only lightly, 28. She is healthy and happy too. I did take treats for her. Sage had walked away from me when I went out so I decided to just ignore her. When Ditto got treats she came nudging my back and asking for one too. I think she was trying to take me to Amelia when she walked that way. I wasn't bright enough or thinking to follow her. I just thought she was avoiding me and she has never done that. Usually she trots right up to me.

Just one of our steers that will be around until October. This is Milo. He wanted a scratch behind the ears.

I have been working on pictures again. I wonder if anyone has as many loose photos around as I do. I have made a big dent in it over this past year putting them on my external hard drive for safe keeping. I found a group of them that I have not the foggiest idea of where they are. I am so irritated with myself. With digital I just put them right straight to the appropriate folder. But before that they just piled up. Darn. I am finding some interesting pictures, some hilarious ones and sad ones too.

Bob is so tired after digging to bury Amelia. The ground is frozen about a foot. Its done though. Thank you for all your thoughts. I appreciate it a lot.


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