Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun With the Girls

I had fun today playing round with my spotted girls. They both tried to get into my jacket pockets because they knew what was there. I don't usually carry treats but thought today was a good day to give them some. They came around to the front most of the day and that was a good sign for me. I loved their hugs and nuzzled me.

My sweet Ditto. She is old and loves me. She is not as affectionate as Sage but I know she loves me. Ditto is the smoothest horse I have ever ridden. Her lope is so fun to ride. I had a hard time getting used to riding any other horse.

Sage seemed glad to have me out there. It was a sunny cold day. They say snow is coming but not a flake so far. We will see.

My favorite picture of my girls.

We had a sunny but cold day today. We got a little cleaning up in the yard and Bob got the tractor chains ready to put on if the snow really comes. Got my boots out of the closet. Now if it does not come, they can go back.

It was a good day. My girls seemed as glad to see my come spend time and I was to do it.


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  1. I like your girls, Lea. I am learning alot about how horses show affection and you sure do know how they think. Hugs, and getting ready for a big snow storm here in Orient, too. Guess this side of the mountains is luckier in how we are capable in clean up. Having come from over there, they definitely don't have "preparation" so everyone freaks!