Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just What We Need - More Snow

Chemmy, Yuma and Rosie do not think we need any more snow and they were not happy that I did not bring them treats. Besides it wasn't supper time and they wanted to eat then. Oh well, I guess. I laughed at them.
Think we have a few barn kitties? They are all chubby. They get cat food and a pan of goat milk every day.

Bob drove the tractor into the other end of the barn and Sage was not so happy about it. I banged on things in the barn and waved things around working on despooking. She thought I was tormenting her and I guess I was.

One of the more demanding kitties.

And my old buddy, Ditto. She wanted a treat every time I walked by. She did not like all the stuff I was doing earlier. She doesn't need despooked. She hates stalls and couldn't wait to get out.

Last night at the Back Country Horse meeting that we were at, we found out our old mare May died last week. We gave her to a guy down by Worley, ID for a pasture buddy a few years ago. She was a good old horse. She ate her breakfast and when he went out to open the stall she was gone. And then her pasture mate died a few days later. Sad huh? They were both old and had great lives there. Pampered and loved. I feel bad but not sad for her.

Tom and Christy are both OK. Just sore from the wreck. Tomorrow they should get a rental car and start the process of getting what they have coming. Darn drunk drivers.

Thank you all for your comments. I was so down when I wrote the last time. Life is tough sometimes and this period of time is one of them. I will make it though. Thanks so much for your comments.

We are getting more snow this evening. Not what we needed but it is winter in eastern Washington and not unexpected.


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