Monday, January 23, 2012

A beautiful Day in Our Neighborhood

Our two little dogs on the run. They are BFF.

My rail fence (LOL)

The snow was sliding off of the garage roof. Tried to get a drip in mid air but missed.

The nose I love to smooch on and she loves me to do it.

The big girls came in for lunch and did great. Ditto of course just gets to eat but Sage has a despooking lesson when she is done eating. I had a cardboard box that was going to eat her. Yesterday I put her treat in the box and she wouldn't come near so today I put her grain in it and now its OK. I had a big red hunk of something and I was waving it around and she looked at me like is that a saddle pad because they don't scare me. Bob parks the tractor at the end of the aisle way in the barn (not my choosing but his) and there is a quite narrow space to walk by it. We practiced that yesterday and she didn't think much of it but today she just walked through like oh heck. We are working on her head down and she does wonderful and flexing and she does that great too. Just something every day.


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