Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cows All Moved

No pictures today, sorry. Today we weaned all but one of the calves and moved the cows to a pasture away from their young uns. I hope the neighbors don't mind the noise. The babies on one side and the moms on the other. It took us a while to do it. Mama cows don't like to go and leave their babies behind.

We also moved Ditto and Sage to a smaller field. Amelia was supposed to go too but she was not going to be caught and she was not going where I wanted her to go. Bob and I both worked with her for a long time and finally decided she could stay with the cows. That is where she is and seems content. Sage likes being closer to the house. Ditto too. Ditto is about ready for her blanket and winter in her stall at night. She always tells me when she is ready. Bless her old heart.

Skeeter went and got his hair cut today. He really likes getting groomed and is always glad to see Ginny. He is so cute all gussied up. I need to get his sweater out. He has a warm coat but he would rather just wear a sweater.

Mary called me this afternoon and is having fun with her baby. She is eating out of her hand. Babies are so fun to work with. They get things pretty fast. I forgot to ask what she named her. I will talk to her tomorrow.


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