Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today I worked with Sage a while in the round pen and then in and out of the trailer She does it quite well. I want to take her for a little ride one of these days soon.


Carefully stepping down.

There are five of these hens left. I call them the Gingersnap sisters.

Bob getting more frustrated by the moment working on the tractor. A neighbor came and helped him. He is not a mechanic. Does not like mechanical work.

It was a pretty day, not as cool and it might be but not really warm. It was nice to be able to be out and doing things. This morning I went with Bob to the bank, the propane store and the meat shop where our beef is hanging. He had to pay all the processing. Then, the people who have purchased it can go pick it up. We do pretty good every fall with our meat.

Tomorrow I leave for Yakima to the Washington State Horsemen convention. I will be back on Sunday which is Bob's birthday. My friend Michelle is going with me. I may have a little time down there to keep up here but no promises.



  1. You're a busy lady! Sage is looking good in that trailer. :)

  2. You've done your preparation work with Sage, that I'll bet she thinks nothing of it by going for a little ride. Enjoy your road trip with your friend!