Monday, November 7, 2011

Mary's Baby

Bob got home this early evening from a quick trip to Burns to pick up our friend Mary's recently adopted filly. Isn't she cute. She is yet unnamed by Mary but the corrals called her Baily's Irish Cream but I think Mary will come up with something else.

Bob had a good trip. He got to visit with Andi and her friend Jill from North Carolina. She is a Face book friend of mine too. He and the girls went to dinner last night then he got the baby from the corrals, visited with them a while and he scooted on home. Snow most of the way he said.

Here on the home front the appraiser came today so they will approve our payoff of the place next door. I am not sure I understand it all but just want it over so we can get started on that house so the kids can get moved in. I didn't do much else. It was cold and I did not sleep well last night. So another rather lazy day. No one was around so I did not ride like I had vowed to do. Maybe tomorrow.


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  1. What a pretty little thing she is! Pretty colors. Sure is tough getting used to being cold again, I prefer warm, not hot. Not picky or anything am I? :) The time change is throwing a monkey wrench into my horsey time as it's dark before I leave work. Hate that. My hubby put a light up in the round pen, it helps so I'll try to stay on track. Had a good time with Eagle last night. He was like butter. I'm so anxious to get on him, but am finding myself afraid to try yet. I'm not nearly as brave as I used to be, but I think he'll be ok. Going to keep focusing on groundwork for a while and the time will come. Hope you enjoy your day.