Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Meandering

Our sunset this evening. We have such beautiful sunsets here on the West Plains.

I was riding Rosie and needed a break. She, Pepper and Bob were walking ahead of me.

My young friend Marissa with her pony Sequoia. Marissa now is 18 and lives over on the west side of the mountains. Sequoia lives up near Sandpoint and is loved by two little girls.

My Dixie Chick. I fostered her for a year and rode her and then she went back to her owner who was so glad to have her back.

One of Seattle's offspring in the Pryor Mountains in southern Montana just across the border from Wyoming. Seattle is my favorite stallion in the Pryor's. He is so beautiful. And he throws lovely babies.

Up on Hoodoo pass.

Down out from Larabee Corrals one of our trips down there. Love riding out of there.

Down at Red Ives between Peppers ears.

Carrie's mini stallion Elvis.

Riding up Marie Creek just east of Cour d'Alene.

Katie on Pepper

I think this adoption was in Longview. Love that nose marking.


Have lots of pictures to meander through. I am enjoying going through them all.


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  1. Again beautiful pictures! We're vacationing in Colorado right now and the scenery is so stunning - I want to just find me a little house and burrow in for the winter! blessings, marlene