Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Meandering

Tonight I am just meandering back through time with our horses.

I don't remember the year of this picture but it was Memorial weekend down at Madden Corrals south of Lewiston. I took Rosie and the cart. Most people had not ridden in a cart like that and lots of people got a chance. I do remember waking up one morning to 3" of wet slushy snow. It all melted away though.

When I used to show nearly every weekend, and I was more overweight than I am now. This is Dun In Glory. We did well but I sold her. Our personalities were at odds most of the time.

Caroline riding Ditto when she was about 12. She is now a freshman in college at Mississippi State University. She was riding bareback the first time.

Bob taking the horses to water at Larabee Corrals. The year????

The last ride on Star. Had to put her down the next week. Wasn't she beautiful?

On a Mustang Club ride at Riverside State Park.

A bachelor stallion in the Steens Mts of Oregon herd. I know he has a name but I can't remember what it is. Tracey if you read this tell me please. You were there with Nikki and I and Deb

Our friend April standing by her horse on a ride on a Labor Day weekend on HooDoo Pass between Idaho and Montana.

The trail ride that Pepper laid down in the pond with me on him. Probably one of the most embarrassing days of my life.

Isaac was four I think there, maybe 3. He rides all over by himself now. He is 7

And no collection would be complete without Sage when she first got here.

Hope you enjoyed it all. Its hard to type with my hand and every day it gets worse. I am waiting for a call from the hand surgeon.



  1. Lea, I'm so sorry your hand is bothering you so much! I hope they can fix it up for you so you can keep doing all the things you love.

    Wonderful pictures! I recognize that guy in your mustang club picture. :)

  2. Me to, thought you might recocgize him. Loved looking back at those pictures.

  3. Oh Lea, I loved this post! It's fun to remember and admire all those pretty horses and wonderful people in our lives. Life changes, but it's always good! Sorry your hand is bothering you so much, hope the doc can help you out. About that gullet width...not sure, will try and measure it and get back to you. (hope I don't forget!) :D Take care, Lorie

  4. I love seeing your pictures Lea. The scenery is so beautiful and peaceful. blessings, marlene