Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hard Things

Today Bob and I spent the better part of the day next door taking pictures of things for sale and cleaning his garage. He is failing pretty rapidly. I hate it. He does not hook himself up to his food more than once or twice a day and he is supposed to be taking 6 to 8. He calls us his Food Police. Its awful. We pulled his 5Th Wheel trailer over here so I can clean it and we can advertise it for sale. Its really nice but needs a good cleaning. He has so much to sell, tools, welding stuff, old trucks, etc. I hope we can get a sale organized for him next week.

It was hot again and too hot to do much with horses. When I had time, Cameron was here working with Liberty and Katie was bathing Abby so I did not get to work Sage. She was so glad to have me come out and just love on her. And that is all we did. Then I put her back out in to the pasture.

Hope you are all enjoying our summer weather, if you live in the western half of the country anyway. We could use some water but I am certainly not complaining. All I really worry about is fire. There is a red flag warning all over eastern WA.


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