Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bad bad bee sting

This is Maggie. We took her with us and it was a disaster. First of all almost all of our group of friends had brought their dogs. Maggie was not at all hospitable and started fights so we had to keep her on her cable. Bad girl. Then the worst ever that she has done. We went on a ride Saturday afternoon. The ice chest was where she could reach it but she had never done bad things like that. She got into the ice chest and ate 2 1/2 pounds of polish sausage which was the foundation for our dinner Sunday dinner and also ate 2 pounds of summer sausage. The only guy left in camp took the other stuff away from her and put it back in the ice chest and moved it. She was really sick all night and all day Sunday. She is OK now.
Raven and Wrangler. Best pals. I was on Raven.

A log jam on the creek.

The butterfly is on Raven's hip0.

The trees are awesome.

A gate into into the St. Claire Ranch. Both of the swinging gates had the horses on them.

I have been laying around all day. My arm is swelled up the size of a cantaloupe where the dratted bee stung me. I have been laying around all day feeling crappy. My arm burns from arm pit to almost my fingers and is bright red and hot. Hate it. I said I hate it.

Was not up too playing with Sage today. Maybe tomorrow but its supposed to be close to 100 degrees and I don't know.


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