Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Garden Harvest

This was the harvest today from our garden. We had that for dinner tonight, green beans cooked with a little bacon, sliced tomatoes, steamed broccoli and fried zucchini. The lettuce is over when we eat this. Loved all of it. The broccoli will be gone soon but not tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. I can eat my weight in them.

Me by the tomato patch

Me by the sunflowers. The seeds were several years old and I did not think they would come up. But they did.

The word from the Photo Challenge I am doing was texture. This is my picture.

Hope you all had a good day. Lots accomplished today but nothing with horses. I will be gone tomorrow but back Saturday evening.



  1. Wow, Lea, awesome looking garden. Wish I could do one. No area for one here. Just have a couple of containers of tomatoes. Any planters I've tried growing salad items in have not prospered. I gave up and planted Petunia's this year. They did really well. So sticking with them and buying veggies. Sigh. Looks like your bee sting has gone down since you are smiling!

  2. Beautiful garden and produce!! Don't you just love fresh veggies from your own garden? I agree about the fresh tomatoes...could eat bunches of those. Nothing better than fresh garden tomatoes in a BLT with an icy cold Pepsi!! YUM!! And, green beans with bacon - that's the way my mom used to fix em..hmm hmm good!! Enjoy! I just picked my first tomato last night...slow year.