Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ride 6

Ride 6 and it was better than the last one. She finally got to moving around the round pen without Bob having to go in front of her.

Flexing her neck. That is not her best side.

She was so good.

After we rode for a little while I put her in her pen to rest for about 15 minutes and then we worked on loading in the trailer. She did not want to be sent in but walked right in when I went with her. We put Pepper in first. I was so proud of her. As usual of course.

We had quite a storm this afternoon. The thunder boomed and the lightening wasn't far behind it. Even though I don't like thunder and lightening I love how the air smells. It went on a couple of hours.

Happy last day of August.



  1. WOW - Sage is doing amazing. You have done an awesome job with her. She is so beautiful. Plus, you look great on her!



  2. She's a gorgeous horse. I'm still amazed you're doing her first rides!! Keep it up--stay safe!

  3. Lea I'm so proud of you for persevering and continuing to work with Sage...not everyone would. blessings, marlene