Monday, August 29, 2011

Another Weekend Away

This is a group of pictures for sure. We went to Nikki's on Friday and came home today (Monday). We went to attend a picnic lunch for my other uncles 95Th. birthday. He is not quite as frail as my other 95 year old uncle. He lives on his own and drives a little. More pictures on down.

This picture is at Banks Lake. We have had family camp outs there and one of thing that has brought us there is the wonderful beach. For some reason, unknown to us, the have sucked the lake half dry and the swimming beach is dry. I am glad we did not plan one this year.

Going through Seattle on I5. One view of the Space Needle.

Uncle George in front of his house. He was born in the very bedroom he sleeps in now.

He and I. He is who walked me down the aisle when Bob and I got married almost 54 years ago. My father died when I was 17. He is my father's youngest brother.

That evening we went to Bob's cousin Tim's for a BBQ. We had a great time. This is Isaac on the tire swing.

And Lane fishing for catfish. He brings them home and puts them into a little plastic pool that he has in the backyard.

This actually pumps their water. When the wind does not blow it has a motor. Loved it.

A friend of Tim and Theresa's young daughter Kelly. She and Isaac are eating smores. She was so much neater than him. But I did not see her when she had finished.

Lane and his giant smore.

Nikki and her lap of puppies.

Making ice cream

Nathaniel. Isn't that a sweet smile.


A big pile of wheat outside the elevator in Creston. That is a small town about 45 minutes from here. They pile the wheat up like that when the elevator gets full.

When we got home we found 4 kittens. Actually Katie had found them. We put them in the tack room. They sure are cute.

My first tomato. I will eat it tomorrow.

That pretty much is our weekend. I am tired. I have to have blood work done in the morning. I am tired of this every 6 weeks, they never find much and I guess that is a good thing.


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