Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not so good ride 7

Katie working with Liberty which she bought for Cameron for a wedding present. I am so glad Liberty belongs to someone again. She is coming along nicely.

I am doing a Photo Challenge for the month of September and the picture for today was supplies. These are our supplies to go horse camping. At least for the horses. We are leaving early in the morning for Clearwater Canyon in Montana. It is about 50 miles this side of Missoula. I love going there and riding out of there. So......another weekend away. We are going with about 4 other couples and their horses.

I did ride today but it was the least successful. I am not sure why. She was spooky and tense. We rode for a while but I did not want her to buck and I was not too sure that is not what she had in mind. I rode about 10 minutes and got off. I took the tack off and petted her and rubbed her down. We went out to the trailer before Bob put the hay in and I expected her to act scared of it. But, she surprised me and hopped right in and stood there. She looked at me like, OK what now. We got out and I put her away. At least something successful for the day. I can not expect her never to have a day not really to good at riding. Well, I can hope but dont think it will happen. She was so tense, I was afraid she was going to make me tense and I didn't want that to happen. So it ended good anyway.


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  1. Glad you recognized her tenseness and ended the ride before things could go badly. Sounds like she may just been having an off day. It happens. Have fun horse camping - sounds like fun!! This is the first summer in, I can't even remember how long, that we've not been camping once - with horses or otherwise. Not good!