Thursday, August 25, 2011


I had not ridden for almost a week and today I rode unleashed. I had a little trouble getting her to lead without being led but that will come.

She is flexing both ways easily. To the left is best. I am so proud of her. I had to really beg Bob to let us go without the lunge line and we did it. I was so happy. I think we rode alone for about 15 minutes. Not going far nor fast and that is a good thing.

Mt. Rainer from the top of the Vantage grade. It always makes my heart skip when I see it. I grew up looking at it out the kitchen window.

Today I went and had my hair trimmed and a pedicure. I would have one every other week if I could afford it. When I came home I mowed most of the lawn. For some reason I got a blister on my right hand. So Bob took it over and finished. We have a very large yard and it takes a while. Even with the riding mower.



  1. Looks like everything is going great!!

  2. You look good up on Sage, and she looks completely relaxed. Wonderful that you're bringing her along of my many (favorite) Ray Hunt sayings, "the slower you go, the faster you get there". So true. We're having some trouble getting Eagle established in our very close-knit little herd. *sigh* Shad, the herd boss is being a royal pain. He rules by intimidation generally, and Eagle's not impressed, nor intimidated so...they've had a go-round butt-to-butt and it was not pretty. So scary! We're trying to let them get acquainted across the fences, and that's fine, but eventually we have to let them duke it out. We'll get there, just hope nobody gets hurt in the process. Take care Lea, Blessings to you!