Monday, July 11, 2011

Am popping my buttons, I am so proud

Manny flopping around. Sage was completely unaffected. He is a terrible rider.
Bob tied his feet and arms on so he could not fall off but could flop around. He slid way over to one side and she looked at him out of the corner of her eye but that's all she did. He really is a sloppy rider. I want to be on her so bad.

Abby, Raven Liberty and Wrangler ambling down the lane out to their pasture for the evening.

This was larger on my computer. Our friend Bernie sent it to Bob. Its where Bob and them camped the last time Bob went into the Bob Marshall.

Other than working with Sage, I did house stuff mostly. Our well went whacko today so I could not do laundry nor take a shower. Bob hooked a hose up to the guys water next door so we could water the animals but otherwise. We are waterless until the well man comes tomorrow. This is the third year in a row that we have had trouble with the well. Grrrrrr.

Hope your Monday was good



  1. I've been there with the well our house has a flooding problem we can't find. It's always something! I guess I'm going to need a Manny to do some riding for me pretty soon, too. lol.

  2. Awesome!!! You should be proud, that's a wonderful job you've done with Sage. Sure hope you're enjoying our long-awaited summer. Blessings Lea!!