Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our boys are gone, I am sad

Yesterday Nikki, Bob and I went for about a 3 1/2 hr. ride. We had such a good time. This picture was taken over my shoulder just before he tossed a pine cone at my back and missed and hit Raven on the rear. Had just a little rodeo. He thought it was funny, I didn't.
Nikki riding Pepper. She was behind on Pepper which is where he usually is. Oh but we had fun. We saw deer, hikers and other horse back riders. We laughed and talked.

Nikki's little dog Scout. She is so attached to Nikki. We had gotten home and had showers and sat down and Scout has such a look of satisfaction of "Mom's home" on her little face.

Today Nikki and Isaac went on a ride across the road in the big field. Isaac thought he was quite the cowboy.

Lane finding bugs. That is his entire life.

Nikki and Isaac off on their ride.


Mom and her baby boy home from their ride.

Chemmy looking for "his friend".

Isaac riding Chemmy. He has such a good time with the donks. Isaac fell off and landed on his bottom. He laughed about it and was not hurt at all.

Lane taking his turn. He is just not a riding person but he could not be outdone. He did a really good job.

Bob taking his turn. Good ole Chemmy didn't mind at all.

Happy birthday Uncle Lyle. He turned 95 today. Hope he had a wonderful, blessed day.

We will miss our little boys. I am going to try to find a pair of size 3 western riding boots for Isaac. And then a pair of kids spurs. I don't care if they are used boots.

I hope your weekend was as good as ours. I miss Nikki so much and its always good to have them come, even if its for such a short time.



  1. Lea, I was wondering if you know anything regarding Joy and Phil and how they are doing? Joy hasn't updated her blog in 2 months and I was hoping it isn't anything worriesome; just being busy with their new home. Enjoy her blog alot, too. You are relatives, right?

  2. Yes Joy is my cousin. She says she is busy and will get to it one of these days. That does worry me some. When I saw her last Sept. she looked very thin to me but she assures us she is fine, just busy.

  3. I loved today's post. The kids all look so happy. Even though I'm not a grandmother yet (though I could be in the next few years... My son is 18 now), my heart hurt like a grandmother's when the boys had to go home. Lea, you gave them a wonderful visit. As I said before, they will never forget their time w/you guys!

    Always love pictures of the horses.


  4. It looks like you all had so much fun! It must be too quiet there now.

    I love all the pictures!