Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rusty in the spotlight tonight

Is this not a beautiful mane? We used Cowboy Magic on it and got all the wind knots out. Lost alot brushing but it is still beautiful. I think Amelia's is a runner up but this is the prettiest mane on our place. Bob has been working with her again.

This is a metal sign Nikki brought me. I love it, just love it. We put it up in the barn today. Thank you again Nikki. It was very thoughtful of you.

This is one I got Bob when I was off somewhere.

I did not actually put Sage in the round pen today but I groomed her all over and brushed her pretty tail all out, braided it and put it in a tail bag. She did not mind. I don't think I mentioned yesterday that Bob trimmed her front feet last night after we took the saddle off. For the most part she just stood there. Good girl. I almost can handle her hind feet now. She is coming along.

The pump guy did not get here today. I want a shower and have laundry to do. Dang. They know they have us over a barrel.


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  1. I feel for you being without water - major drag!! Just curious...how many times have you turned on the faucet?? :) Sorry... couldn't resist! Rusty's mane is gorgeous!! Owning Appaloosas, I forget how long manes can get. Hope Cody gets his new home and will pray that your friends' troubles are finished, and blessings are in her future. Very sad. I cannot imagine losing my home, or my horse. So many people are having hard times. Sure hope our country's economy gets back on track soon. Love and blessings to you Lea. Take care.