Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We probably the only people within miles of here that had not been to Cabellos. It opened here about 2 years ago or so. Our boys shop there and it has more stuff than you can imagine. Clothing, hunting, fishing, camping and on and on. They have a huge display in the center of the store. That is where I took these two pictures.

We went there to meet our wonderful friends Bernie and Sherri. They have moved to Helena, Montana and its been a while since we have seen them. It was fun to sit there and just laugh and talk like we used to. They have identical twin daughters and one was with them but don't know for sure which. They are in nursing school. It was a good time visiting with them. I really do miss them.

Worked with Sage and the blue barrels again this afternoon. She is having trouble backing through them though. She was mushy tonight loving me, giving me kisses and just wanting to be hugged back. Love it, I mean LOVED it.


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  1. I've never been to a Cabella's either. Don't even know where one is. Cool display though! I love how you love your Sage...very cool!!
    Guess what!!!??? Soon...I may be the proud new mom/caretaker/owner of my very own Mustang!!! I'm so excited I could just about bust!!!!!