Monday, July 25, 2011

Four Days of Fun

This a a very large group of pictures of our four days of camping in Idaho at the Red Ives Ranger Station. Well, we were across the river from the station itself. It was so beautiful. It was cold when we got there and reallty cold at night. By Saturday afternoon it was really hot. It does cool way down at night though. It rained the first night but sun the rest of the time. The wild flowers were beautiful.

The first morning Bob setting out with two other guys and their pack animals. They were hauling hay about 7 miles up the trail. They were on their way to pick up the first load. A bale on each side.

The other group was cutting/brushing out a trail up on Copper Ridge. I did not want to ride that far so Diane and I came back. We rode a trail that went to the river but I did not want to cross there. She either. Then we came back and crossed at the bridge and rode up to Line Creek Horse Camp. I really enjoyed that and hope that we can go up to that camp some time and day ride out of there.

Diane is a ways ahead of me. It hard to ride with someone on a gaited horse. Particularly when he is slow to start with. He really is easy to ride though.

Saturday my friend Cindy did not want to go out with the groups either. She has a very painful back injury and can only ride short distances. That satisfied me just fine.

The road coming out. It was taken out the windshield so not a great one but just wanted to show you all the curve..

Lake Chatcolet on our way home.

Not too far above where we were camped.

The view the first morning when we got up.

Wrangler and Raven standing on the high line.

Rosie relaxing. These three had just gotten tack from their 15 mile sojourn

The group heading out the second morning.

Pepper thinking everyone had neglected him.

Lots and lots of daisies.

This pretty girl came down and nosed around camp. I was in our trailer with the door open. She knew I was there someplace but did not see me.

The Forest Service Packer's barn and the pasture.

Red white and blue flowers. They were so pretty.

Bob coming in the second day.

Wrangler and Raven grazing.

Don't know who he was but he was fishing in the St. Joe River. Its a catch and release area. I don't understand why anyone would spend time fishing and putting them back. Oh well. There were alot of people doing it.

Everything went very well. Rosie had a little episode that scared me to death. She lay down while tied on the high line and got her feet all tangled up and could not get up. We had a lot of help getting her up. She isn't badly hurt but it was scary. Fortunately she did not struggle, just laid there until someone came to help her.

Besides getting the house in order today and laundry going, I have out first pick of raspberries ready. Bob brought me in a cup of them while I was still in bed reading the paper. Nice big sweet berries.

I was going to put this in the internet last night but was just too tired.



  1. pretty pics. I'm glad you had fun. I can't comment on Google:(

  2. Welcome home! I missed your posts!

    The pictures are so beautiful, Lea! I love the wild daisies. Gorgeous! Plus, the horses all look so happy... Bob does a great job taking care of everything.

    So glad you had a chance to enjoy yourself and take a break! Sounded lovely.


  3. Also missed your posts!
    Beaufitul pics. 6th photo wonderfull and is on the desktop of my computer! I hope you don't mind.

    Once again thank you for sharing the story.

  4. Lea can someone like me who never got to ride horses and is now a senior citizen do a trail ride like that? :) I want to go with you! blessings, marlene

  5. Sure you could Marlene. Come on over and we will do it.