Saturday, July 30, 2011

A better Day

The feet of a working man.

A true redhead.

Look at that mane.

Bob got one her today. He would not let me. Tomorrow. She could have cared less.

Bob giving her, her treat for being so good.

My bowl today. I pick that many every other day. Love them. Underline the love.

We had a little rodeo trying to spray Sage after her lesson. She let me day before yesterday but not today. I finally got it done but wasted a lot of spray in the meantime. I need to take a spray bottle of water and practice.

Bob's work with Rusty was awesome too. He got her front feet trimmed and will do her hind another day. His back won't tolerate more than 2 feet at a time.

Hope your Saturday was good, ours was.



  1. What a beautiful post - I read it like a poem!

    I just love Bob.

    Sage looks amazing... You are making such wonderful (and fast!) progress. I bet you are so anxious to ride her (glad Bob is being safe w/that issue).



  2. She is so big---and going to be a great trail horse for you. Good luck today if you get on her. Seems like she's going to be sweet.