Monday, June 6, 2011

Trot, trot, down the road

Rosie just before we started down to road. We trotted a mile down to our friend John and Theresa's to visit for a bit. John just got out of the hospital. He does not look like he is really on top of it yet. I remember when I was so sick when I had it a few years ago. We visited a little while and then came home.
A mama wild turkey sitting on her nest. We actually got quite close. She pretended to be dead. They watch her daily.

When we got home Rosie just had to roll. She was a little sweaty and I am sure she was itchy.

Last night's sunset. Not red but striking anyway.

We are going to have to water our garden tomorrow if it does not rain tonight. We can see it is raining west of us but not here. That is OK with me, I will water the garden.

Pepper kicked Sage last night when she got the gate open between them and she is gimpy today. She won't let us really look at it. All she wanted was to be friends. Darn him anyway.



  1. Nice pictures the last few days, Lea. You have a nice looking horse ranch. I envy you the lilac bushes. I want one but haven't acquired one yet. Bet that buggy riding is really fun.
    Have a great day!

  2. What a beautiful sunset picture Lea - just gorgeous. blessings, marlene