Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ponies, birds and Sunshine

Chickys helping out. They are so funny. Can't help taking their pictures.

Rocky. I am trying to contain his mane that seems to be going every which a way. He is such a cutie but got bored standing while I braided it.

Stella getting a pedicure. She wasn't in love with him doing it but tolerated it.

Rocky saddled up for the first time. He was a little spooky about it but I told him that big mustang mare didn't twitch an ear when I saddled her first so he could just get used to it. I thought I would have Sheya to help me tomorrow but she went to the lake with a friend. Darn. I need to find a little person.

Pepper getting a pedicure too. He could care less.

Loved watching this little sparrow zipping in and out. I could hear the babies.

Barn Swallows. They have about 8 nests in the barn. We were making them nervous so don't know if they have adopted one of the nests yet or not.

Bob ponied Sage for about an hour around in the arena and around the place. She did pretty good most of the time.

She just took it all in with a grain of salt. Katie was out earlier and layed over her. She didn't mind that at all. Tomorrow I have hopes of taking Rosie for a trot down the road in harness. We will see. Love this weather but it isn't supposed to last long.


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  1. You've been busy! I love this weather, don't tell me it's not going to last. :(

    Sage looks great. Sounds like you'll be riding in no time.

    I love the hens. They're so helpful, aren't they?