Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunshine and Lilacs

Bob was picking up the sod he peeling off to get ready for the patio. The chickens were helping. Some them even rode the bucket of the tractor while he was taking it to dump it where our lake was all winter.

My sweetie Sage having her dinner. She likes being tied out to eat grass. I worked her pretty good today. She does not work well on the lunge line going in circles. She does yield her hip when I ask both sides and today I set up a barrel and a log for her to go between the fence and the barrel. She did that OK after a few and I added a tarp. She got it without too much fuss both directions. Went back later and did it again and she remembered. I was so proud of her.


And the beautiful Lilacs that are blooming so pretty. Love them.

A good day,


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