Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another new baby

Don't know if its he or she yet. This was her first time up. A cute little critter
About 7 hrs. later. Still don't know but mom is very protective.

Amelia eating her fill. She is getting her weight back and is all shed out pretty.

Wrangler looks kind of pathetic. He is shedding out OK but that tail is awful.

Abby is my least favorite horse. She knocked me over tonight running by me to get back out in the pasture while I was shutting the gate. I went and got a lounge whip and went after her. She ran fast back out the gate but I am really mad at her.

Raven munching away.

We finished Sages front feet and are working on picking up the hind ones. They are in terrible condition and its important for us to get them done. She took a pretty good pop at Bob but missed him. She got a pretty good pop on her hip by him too. Then we went right back at it. We did finally get one picked up but that was all of the lesson today.

We both spent time with Emma too. She just is not happy when I give her a direction. She looked pretty aggressively at me. Bob went in and she was fine. We will keep working on that.

It was 70 today and that is the first time this year. I really enjoyed it. We worked at cleaning up the yard some and layed around some.


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  1. I'm glad it was so warm for a birthing, :) Is that the last one?