Friday, May 13, 2011

A good Friday

Part of our cow family after they came up for water. Lizzy and her baby Rita did not come up. Yesterday Bob went to see if Rita was OK and she was asleep in some tall grass. Bob reached down and touched her and she opened her eyes and went MAWWWW, loudly. Bob jumped back and Lizzy came on the run. It was really funny. Still one cow to have her calf. I hope it is soon. We need to get them to their summer pasture and to a bull who will join them on their pasture.

Maro having his supper and Bob trying to get a little milk in the bottle so he can get some medicine down Marco. It did not work. It had yesterday and this morning but he said no more. I want my new mama. So we got the turkey baster out and got it down him that way. That worked ever so much better. We have about 4 more doses so that is how we will do it.

A little bird. Not a very good picture but it was so sweet sitting there.

Worked with Rocky for a while. He is such an awesome pony. Then I got Sage out and let her mow part of the lawn and I reintroduced her to the trailer. She did not get in but looked and sniffed. Bob had hauled a horse home from the vet for a gal and Sage could smell something different.

The weather is supposed to turn really awful tomorrow. If we get the hail they are predicting, we will be putting some of the horses, particularly the ponies in the barn. Will be watching the weather.


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