Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Day

No pictures. Can't take them and do what I need to do. I worked with both ponies today and saddled Sage again. Flapped the stirrups against her. She does not get upset about any of that. Then she spooks at stupid things like a piece of string the wind catches. I know she will get over it though.

We trimmed more on her front feet today. Got them down where they should be. Now to tackle her hind feet. I got one foot picked up today. One of these days I will be one her.

Tomorrow we have to work on Stella's feet. They look good but both front feet at cracked and she has knocked a chunk out of one rear foot. Bob may have to get some of the stuff they use to seal up cracks with until they can grow out.

It was a lovely day here - almost 70 degrees. Loved it. I did go and get my hair trimmed up a little shorter but am not crazy about it. Its the length I wanted but not really the shape. I hate it when there is someone I like and then they leave. Oh well, such is life.


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