Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Its Unstuck

No pictures because my printer/scanner is fighting with me. Drat. Anyway it took Bob and our neighbor John 4 plus hours to get the tractor out. It looked to me like they were burying it deeper and deeper but they finally pulled it backwards to get it out. They both were covered with mud and Bob's boots were filled with water. I wanted to laugh but didn't think he would appreciate it. Neither of them.

Bob has trouble every time he is the one to move Sage from stall out/out into the stall. He was ready to swear this morning but when I got her in this evening she just walked along and was as polite as could be. She loves me what can I say.

Mostly I stayed in the house away from the two men. Got some things accomplished. Mainly the checkbook balanced. Hate that job worse than doing dishes but got it accomplished. Bob should not write checks under the influence of pain meds. At least I didn't make the mistakes this time. LOL.

Tomorrow I am have coffee with my sweet friend Lisa. That will be fun. She just grabbed a piece of my heart the first time I met her.


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