Thursday, March 17, 2011


Started out having lunch with a sweet new friend Lisa. We had such a good talk, I had to make myself say it was time to go home. She is an absolutely darling young woman. So alike are we.

This afternoon we went to a Middle School basketball game. Ryan's team lost. He was down in the dumps but that's life I guess. They played hard though. Also his younger brother Seth had a game earlier 6th. grade intramural. I didn't know whether to laugh or tell him good job. He said he scored all the points and they won but I didn't ask how many points. It was hard to remain serious.

Gonzaga won their first game in the NCAA tournament. Good game. I love watching them and the Cougars or WSU play. Don't care about anyone else. Probably doesn't matter to anyone else but I like it.

Sage was so calm when I put her in this evening it was nice. Sometimes she gets a little excited going back to the barn.

A funny story - at least for me. Bob got the tractor out yesterday and I told you, WELL its stuck again but not so bad. I just had to laugh.


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