Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The joys of Mud

The chickens know their house is on the other side of the lake.
What happens when you try to cross where you shouln't have. I asked Bob is I could laugh. He said no.

She starts to wade across. The next step was much deeper and she fell in and managed to fly out. The brown one went to the barn.

The tractor is still there. He could not get it jacked up enough. A neighbor is coming down tomorrow with a large tractor and they will attempt to pull it out. He did get the cows fed first. He is muttering to himself but at least he tried to get it himself.
Last night Bob got a call from a vet and today he hauled a horse down to Wazoo for a lady. He probably has a broken hip but maybe not. Bob got this idea a while back to put his name out with some vets that he would haul horses when people didn't have trailers and they had emergencys. It was a good idea. The people today were so greatful.
When I put the horses out it was not raining and a few hours later it was pouring and they were glad to see me. Pepper is doing well, Sage is fine and Amelia is OK. She needs some pounds. Need to figure out some way to add calories to her diet. She gets vitamins, beet pulp soaked, a cup of corn oil and half a coffee can of Senior Feed night and morning plus alfalfa grass hay. Any ideas?


  1. When your not standing next to dad please tell him, It only went to here on the duck. :) He'll know.

  2. That tractor is not a pretty picture. I know how Bob feels. I hate getting stuck and having to call for help.

    What a great idea, to haul horses for people who need help. It's bad enough when you have an emergency without having to scramble to figure out how to get your horse to the vet.

    I'm in the same boat trying to pour on the calories for our old horse. I wonder if it would help if you added powdered Probios so she'll utilize her feed better, and just increased everything else. Or change from a complete senior feed to something that's for horses that still eat hay. It would be more concentrated in nutrients I would think. LMF makes something like that, I think it's called Prime Time.

  3. One of the training barns I worked in had a pony who lived on Senior feed, Alfalfa pellets and Rice bran - the powdered kind. He wasn't able to process regular hay anymore. He had spunk and kept weight on well.. since then if my horses start dropping weight or when I start doing spring tune-ups I give them rice bran to help keep the weight on and build muscle. Jut a suggestion. :)