Friday, March 4, 2011

Earlier horse pictures

Our granddaughter Sheya riding Pepper by herself. He walked so carefully. She is still riding him.
Bob on Wrangler in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana. Just before Bob sold him and we have since bought him back. He is a wonderful big horse from the Paisley Desert. He was born here but bred in the wild.


Yuma. He looks like he is hungry right?

Pepper showing why we call him Fat Boy. He is always looking to eat.
Bob is in Boise, Idaho at a meeting and Katie is staying with me. Oliver seems to be better. I gave him his penicillin shot this afternoon. His temp was normal so I did not give him any banamine. Shannon gave us some injectable so it just will sit in the fridge. Or I may give it back to her. Probably the latter.
I should have worked with Sage today but man working in the mud up to my ankles is tough.
Hope your weekend is wonderful.

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  1. LOL!!! I have a nickname for my horse too. I call him Goofy Boy. I call him that is because he loves to play with things with his mouth. That's his way of finding out what something is when he's curious. That is too funny that you call Pepper Fat Boy the same way I call Fox Goofy Boy. It's amazing that Rusty is the exact same shade of sorrel as Fox. Cute pics.