Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Is Still Here

This is my Daddy. I found this picture in some old pictures but no one seems to know where or when this was taken. I love it but I really would like to know how old he was and where he was when this picture was taken.
Sages eye. I wanted a picture of her whole face but she would not stay back far enough. She is a lover, especially at meal time.

Her nose. She wanted to smell the camera. She thought it just might be something eat.

Wrangler waiting patiently for me to get around to feeding them and quit messing with the camera.

Pepper thinking about the same thing.

The dinner bell on the patio post. I will need to put a string of some kind to ring the bell. I got that for Bob for Christmas several years ago and he put it up last week.
Bob is over in Puyallup to be with his brother and sister in law when Lynn has a heart cath tomorrow and perhaps replacing a valve. He is 77 and has had diabetes for 30 years or more so its no easy thing.
We have had a coule of days of sun so snow is melting and we have mud. Well the weather report tonight was alot of rain and snow for the next week. I am thinking it is about time for spring - just saying.
Will be having a surprise for the 1st ten people who attend the Mustang Horse and Burro Club meeting on the 24th. I am surprised and glad. Some new people too.

Spell check won't work so am sorry if my fingers did their own thing.

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